Urban Activation recognises the importance of managing your property efficiently to achieve a balance between maximum return and minimal vacancy.

A rental property is viewed by our company as a valuable asset which needs to realise a fair return and the greatest care is taken at all stages to ensure this is achieved. The Property Manager will get to know your property as well as you do, sometimes more, thus ensuring that your investment receives the special attention required to maximise its return.

Our property management team meet weekly to discuss marketing strategies, new legislation, landlord and tenant concerns, vacancies and market trends. Regular inspections and thorough market awareness means that your investment could not be in more capable hands.

Urban Activation performs detailed inspections of your property and provides a written rental market appraisal.


Effective marketing is the most powerful way to reach prospective tenants. Our marketing program for your property begins upon receipt of the signed Leasing/Managing Authority. To attract the best possible tenant for your property the importance of advertising and marketing cannot be underestimated. We look for the ‘right’ tenant. Our marketing covers the following:

  • Comprehensive and detailed rental list (including photographs)
  • Open for inspections
  • Private appointments at suitable times
  • Selected independent newspapers (where required)
  • Colour brochures
  • E-Mag (In house magazine displaying both sales & rentals)
  • Lease Boards (If requested and approved by Body Corporate. Additional cost.)

Our contacts with relocation companies provides us with a constant source of interstate and overseas transferees seeking rental accommodation. Urban Activation is also regularly contacted directly by companies requiring accommodation for their local, interstate and overseas staff.

The popularity of property search on the Internet allows us to utilise our marketing systems further by providing rental listings through this global system. Prospective applicants can log on and check what properties are available from a fully detailed list with photographs and floor plans. Internet sites include, and


The importance of tenancy selection is imperative. At Urban Activation our job is to ensure that we choose the right tenant so your property is protected. Our policy of stringent criteria for our tenant applications, results in a positive experience for both the landlord and tenant.

All applicants are required to complete a tenancy application form allowing us to thoroughly check current and previous landlords/agents references, current and previous employer references. We also investigate rental histories through a database only available to agents known as NTD (National Tenancies Database).

When all reference checking is completed, we refer the application to you for final approval and discussion of any special conditions if required by either tenant or landlord.


  • Preparation of lease documentation on standard REIV Residential Tenancies Leases and incorporating special conditions if required.
  • At the commencement of each tenancy, condition reports are thoroughly completed and photos are taken by the Property Manager.
  • Bond lodged with Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) within five business days.

  • Provide tenants with relevant tenancy information and documentation including; emergency tradesperson contact details, statement of rights and duties (as required by Residential Tenancies Act 1997), water & utility charge registration form, e.g. ‘On The Move’, a company that arranges connection of all amenities on behalf of the tenant at no cost, this ensures tenants details are registered without delay.

  • Upon approval by the landlord, tenants are required to secure the property by signing the lease and paying the bond (equivalent to one calendar months rent).


Collect monthly rental and provide Landlord with monthly statement/tax invoice detailing all income & disbursements. Electronically deposit funds into nominated accounts.

  • Collect monthly rental and provide Landlord with monthly statement/tax invoice detailing all income & disbursements. Electronically deposit funds into nominated accounts.
  • Payments of GST to Australian Tax Office as required.
  • Pay all regular and authorised outgoings from rental including council rates, water service/usage charges, body corporate fees/levies, insurance, regular garden & caretaking maintenance, etc. (optional).
  • Arrange and coordinate maintenance repairs engaging our preferred professional tradespeople or tradespeople of your choice. Repairs carried out on behalf of the landlord are paid from rent monies held in trust. Full copies of invoices are attached to your monthly statement.
  • Regular property inspections ensure that your investment is safeguarded.
  • Advise you of any repairs, preventative maintenance or recommendations that may be required.

  • Careful monitoring of any rental arrears including telephone calls, written correspondence and service of prescribed notices within the required time frame or as instructed by the landlord.

  • Preparation of all Tribunal documentation and representation on behalf of the landlord at Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) if required.
  • Dispute resolution to ensure matters can be dealt with in a professional manner to avoid Tribunal appearances.
  • Complete Bond Transfer Form if required during the tenancy as a result of tenant changes.
  • Thorough final inspections are conducted at the completion of tenancy to ensure the tenant returns the property in the same manner as reflected by the Condition Report and in-going photos.

  • Negotiation of lease renewals and rent increases for existing tenants taking into consideration the current rental market.
  • Completion of Bond Claim Form and disbursing of bond monies.
  • Providing end of financial year statement detailing total revenue and expenditure.


Urban Activation monitors rental payments to ensure they are paid on time via internet banking, telephone banking and any Post Office Australia wide.